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Ayiti cheri (Haiti Cherie)

One of my favorite creole songs from Haiti. It has no hard chords, no barre chords, no special techniques, besides the Calypso strum, and is in the key of C. It's REALY EASY, except for the strum, and the lyrics, which are entirely in kreyòl, the spoken dialect of Haiti. For those of you who may not be fluent in kreyòl, I've included a pronouncing, etymological, kreyòl-English vocabulary on the last page.

The first page is a cheat sheet, with the kreyòl words on one line, the approximate pronunciation on the second line, and an English translation on the third. You will notice that the words do not mean exactly what Harry Belafonte sang in the English version, but they're mostly fairly close, allowing for "poetic licence."

The next two pages are another cheat sheet, but with the Calypso strum and counting numbers included, and the pronunciation and translation left out. I had some room, so I included chord charts and some notes about kreyòl.

Page Four is a detailed explanation of how to play the Calypso strum, for those who don't already know how. It's tricky to explain, but not so tricky to do, so I'm planning to video it and post the video here soon. I haven't done this before, so it's new ground for me. Who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks?


Carole Smith said...

I just discovered this site looking for LDS guitar music for my guitar playing singing missionary daughter in Chile. Since she can't play the piano very well (though she is the ward organist) it is great to find music she can use to accompany herself on the guitar she bought with the Christmas money we sent her. So thanks for having this site.

Dave said...

I cant wait to play some of these songs for my children come family night...

Dave Harris
Santa Clara, Ut.

Dave said...

Great site,,
Thanks for the tabs I cant wait to learn them and impress my children on family night...
Thank you....

Dave Harris
Santa Clara, Utah