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Redeemer of Israel

A very easy tune to play, for all that it sounds great. No hard techniques or chord transitions, but it does require a few easy barre chords (all barred E-shapes). It's hard to believe I waited this long to arrange such a popular hymn.

Carol of the Bells

I wanted to work out Carol of the Bells for you for Christmas, but I couldn’t figure out what key to play it in. There are a zillion guitar versions on YouTube, in every key imaginable. Nearly all suffer from one of the following faults:
--Some are so simple that they don’t sound good.
--Some sound fantastic, but are impossible for normal human beings to play.
--Some, believe it or not, don’t sound good AND are impossible to play.

I had about given up, when I stumbled across this guitar lesson and tab HERE (at  It not only sounds awesome, but it’s so easy to learn, and the lesson and tab are so easy to follow, that several beginning guitarists have commented that it only took them a few days to learn. A printable version of the tab is available from for $1.49 HERE: (

I wish I knew the name of the guitarist, but he has not chosen to include it. Anyway, Merry Christmas!