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The Most Famous LDS Composer You’ve Never Heard Of

UPDATE:  "LDS  Composers" has changed to "Mormon Artists Group".  THAT link works.

WARNING: Shameless commercialism ahead. But it’s GOOD.

Every once in a while, you run into a book by an “unknown” author, that’s TONS better than any of the “classic literature” you had to read in school. Very rarely, a truly excellent book may have something to do with music. In fifty years as a writer, editor, and English teacher, I can’t think of a single example of a really dynamite book about a composer, written by another composer. PACO, by Nathan Thatcher, is just such a book. I have no connection with it (wish I did!), and am not selling it, but it’s available from the LDS Composers website, listed in the Links section of this blog.  It’s a bio of Paco Estivez, a Spanish convert, who is well-known as a composer in Europe.  Reads like a REALLY GOOD novel.  I’m hooked.