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Praise to the Lord, the Almighty

Public domain. This is a beautiful piece for classical guitar, but you don't have to be a classical guitarist to play it. There are a few advanced techniques, such as ligados (hammer-ons, pull-offs,), slides, and multiple ligados. When playing one of these double or triple ligados, you may have to hammer the last hammer-on very hard to make it sound as loud as the first one.

This piece does contain one relatively hard barre chord: Fv. It's a normal C chord, barred at the fifth fret. You'll need to practice it a bit if you're not used to playing this chord, as it uses all the fingers of the left hand, and stretches your hand, to boot. A good loosening-up exercise is to press all four fingers of the right hand between each pair of left-hand fingers, to stretch them. Hold the exercise just short of the point of pain, then go to the next pair of fingers.

There are a couple of other, easy chords you may not be familiar with. CIII / G is a normal C III chord. Read the name as, "C, with a G bass." Play it by barring an A chord in the third space, but fret the bass string in the third space and let it sound. G7add5, is really just a normal G7, with the fifth note of the scale (D) added on the second string, third fret, using the little finger. You should find it rather easy to do.

I included the grace notes shown in light face type, because they are in the hymnal, but I don't think they add much to the song, and they make it significantly harder to play. I don't play them when performing, and I have deliberately chosen chord inversions that are easiest to play without the grace notes. Consider them optional.

That's a lot of notations for a song that's really not that hard to play. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

I recently came accross your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.


Don Fallick said...

Welcome aboard, Juan! Now grab your ax and start playing along. And pass the word.

Sabina said...

I been looking for When I am baptize,and Families can be together forever,guitar chord

Don Fallick said...

I thought SURE I had Families Can Be Together Forever all ready to post, but when I went to upload it, I discovered I've never actually tabbed it! Thanks, Sabina. Now I know what to work on next.

Anonymous said...

I have also been looking for "when I am baptized." are the tabs up yet or what?

Brook said...

I am also looking for When I am Baptized. Mush be a popular one! My Daughter keeps begging me to play it for her, however I am not a talented guitarist and need a lot of coaching! When I searched for this tab this website came up! thanks for all these other great tabs and I will keep searching for that one!