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Called to Serve

Public domain. This is about as close to the version in the hymnal as I can get it, with no extra notes. It's a fun tune to play! Written in the key of C major, too, so the chords are easy, too. Sounds good on an electric guitar, with lots of fuzz.


G-boy said...

please tell me the complete chords! :) we'll be presenting this in our ward christmas party. thankyou!

Don Fallick said...

Hi, G-boy!

Sorry for not asking your permission to use your name, but I couldn't, as you neglected to leave me ANY CONTACT INFORMATION at all! Even clicking on your Username brought up only a blank Blogger profile. Did you notice my pic at the top of the right-hand column? Right there where it says, "Click my pic to contact me"? I even searched through all 70 of my followers, but you weren't there. And you are asking for complete chords to Called to Serve, when they are already in the tab! Did you even bother to look?

In case you meant that you wanted the chord CHARTS (a few are kinda strange for beginners), I must remind you that ALL the songs on this blog are TABS for GUITAR SOLOS. I left out the charts for this song because they are unnecessary if you are playing the tab. I do not publish "cheat sheets" for sing-alongs. No time! I'm still about 30 years behind on the tabs. Sorry! Maybe you could start a companion blog to this one, just for cheat sheets. I might even provide hosting. I'm always looking for help.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, ive been looking for this song for AWHILE!

Anonymous said...
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