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Double Feature!

In the days of my youth, movie theaters had only one auditorium, but people didn't want to see only one movie. The theaters' solution was to offer a "double feature"-- a main attraction that was a brand new film, plus an older, classic film. Satisfied everyone. We're doing something similar.

The "second feature" is Beautiful Savior, one of the prettiest hymns known. It's lovely, but contains seventeen chords and is hard to play. The "main attraction" is With Humble Heart, another really pretty tune that has only three chords, and qualifies as Easy. It comes with a story:

Since I joined the Mormon Church in 1980, I have occasionally seen the priests at the Sacrament table make a mad dash for bread from the kitchen freezer, and once or twice, Sacrament Meeting has been delayed while someone ran home for bread. But I have never seen the meeting proceed to the Sacrament, only to have the priests uncover the bread trays during the Sacrament hymn and discover, at the last moment, that there was no bread. Until last Sunday. While the quorum adviser ran home for bread, the song leader led us in hymn after hymn, and we all tried to maintain our reverence and keep from giggling. This hymn was the last one we sang before receiving the Sacrament. I have long been partial to it, but had never considered arranging it for guitar until now. Here it is, fresh from my computer. I've never played it for anyone but my wife.