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Christ the Lord Is Risen Today

An easy one, in time for Easter. There are no hard chords in this song. No barre chords. Chord changes are easy, as long as you can do hammer-ons, pull-offs, and slides. The only remotely hard parts come in the last two Hallelujahs, and the first measure of the last line, with multiple hammer-ons and pull-offs in each of the three measures. But they are all easy ones. Play them slowly, until you get the hang of playing the strings with the left hand, then speed up gradually.

This song sounds especially good with a crisp, bright sound. Play it close to the bridge, and use your fingernails, or finger picks, if you don't have nails, for a clear, crisp, "classical guitar" sound. This song is in the public domain, though I reserve copy rights to my arrangement and tablature. If you reproduce it, please give me credit.


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Ogdenware said...

I was impressed to find yuour site today and have but one simple request. You say that you have been playing since dirt was new but some of us aren't that skilled. Could you post some of the standards with just the chording and not so heavy on the arpegio? Some of us have fat little fingers and need simple things to play. Thank you.