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Un Flambeau, Jeanette, Isabelle (Bring a Torch!)

An old, French Christmas carol, much beloved in France, and practically unknown in the English-speaking world. Possibly because the English lyrics don't seem to flow very well. The French lyrics don't, either, but the French don't seem to care. They can deal with a slightly "sprung" rhythm. I have "un-sprung" it in this version, (to make it easier to play) by adding and extra "Ah" and stretching out the word, "bell-e, and then adding another "Ah!" to make it all come out even. Non-French audiences don't seem to mind the change.

If anybody asks, I'll tab the last line in the traditional manner and add it.

I know it's too late for Christmas Carols, two days after Christmas, but it's the best I can do. Maybe it'll help next year. When you're my age, that doesn't seem so far away.


Robert517 said...

I just stumbled on your site, looking for some relatively easy tabs I can play in/with my (Mormon) family (FHE, etc.). I really like what you're posting--this one esp.. Thanks so much!

Don Fallick said...

Welcome, Robert 517! You might also like "Softly and Tenderly", and "Christ the Lord Is Risen Today". Or, if it's French Christmas Carols that you like, try "Cantique de noel". You can sort posts by labels, one of which is "easy".

Tabitha(: said...

Thanks for posting a French Christmas song.. I needed on to play for french class! Thanks for your help!

Don Fallick said...

You might also check out "O Holy Night," which was originally a French carol, and which I have tabbed with the French lyrics (and including my translation). Bonne chance!