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Lord, I Would Follow Thee

Went to a grand-daughter's baptism where this hymn was played. I couldn't believe I hadn't yet arranged it for guitar, as it's one of my favorites, and very different from all others, musically. I guess it was the right time.  When I sat down to play it, an amazing thing happened. After a few attempts to play it in the key of D, I tried all other keys. None were possible to play on the guitar as written. Then I got the idea to play it in C, but starting with a CVIII chord, which is a barred-E shape, and the whole song just fell into place. In a couple of hours, it was done. Fastest arrangement I've ever done, and I think, one of the best. I hope you agree.

I've listed this hymn as "Intermediate," because it's almost all barre chords, but they're very standard ones. If you don't mind barre chords, you will likely find this hymn easy to learn.

True to the Faith (Shall the Youth of Zion Prosper)

This has long been one of my favorites, and I can't imagine why I haven't arranged it for guitar previously. It always reminds me of July Fourth and Flag Day celebrations, perhaps because of the quick, march tempo, as well as the subject matter.

Anyway, it's fun to play, and not very hard. Classification: Easy. I hope you enjoy playing it as much as I've enjoyed arranging it.

I do apologize for not doing more hymns, now that I'm officially retired. "Retired" is a relative term. I'm camping out in a camping trailer while building a cabin for us to live in in the mountains of Utah. Mostly by myself. So even though I'm not working for wages, I'm working harder than ever. See my building blog, "The Gold Street Cabin in Mammoth, Utah" for details, pictures, etc.