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How Gentle God's Commands, again

As promised, here's the C version.  Actually, it's played very much like the A version, but uses more chords and a slightly different pattern pick.  For a really dynamite sound, start with the A version, play through the first verse, then do a key change by switching to the first verse of the C version, then switch back to the second verse of the A version, play the arpeggios in A, minus the final chord, and then change keys back to C again, for the last verse. Switching keys three times makes it sound hard, but it really is no harder than playing the whole song through once in each key.


Anonymous said...

Wow! This site is awesome I am a 17 year old boy and I have been looking for a site with good hymn tabs forever. These are really good! I really like your Etude in Am!! It's awesome

Meg said...

Thank you for this blog - I've printed quite a bit for my husband. He will love it!

Anonymous said...

I just stumbled through a hedge and found you, and boy am I glad! I've been looking everywhere for tabs for some hymns- I'm still a novice at guitar, but I love to play. Thanks for putting these links up!

I'll be checking back often now that I know you're here - and I'm sure to have lots of questions! Thank you so much!!

MJ said...

Hey Don,

I might make an MP3 out of this one next. I love this hymn. Also, I "think" the Am chords should be swapped out with F Maj. There's also a nice C7 just before transitioning to the F (specifically on the word "How" (C7) kind (F) His precepts are

Don Fallick said...

Sure, MJ, go ahead! Either the way I wrote it, or with your changes. I put in the Am chords, for variety, so it wouldn't be just a copy of the earlier version, transposed to C. I like the C7 chords, too, and would use them for sure, especially for a vocal accompaniment.