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Joy to the World!

Public domain. There are no hard chords or transitions in this song! You can play it along with the music as printed in Hymns (# 201), or you can do variations. My favorite variation is to slow down the tempo in the second half of the song. After "Let earth receive her King!" I switch to 4/4 time. This slows the notes down too much for singing, but is just fine as an instrumental solo. It also emphasizes the part about every heart preparing room for the Savior, which I think is the main point of the song. I also like to repeat "Let earth receive her King!" as a finale.


Tyler said...

Thanks for your tabs. Have you ever tried powertab before? It would be great if your future tabs were in that format. Then you can get the exact speed, timing, and pauses conveyed through your tabs much easier. Check it out its free

Don said...

Thanks, Tyler! I've never tried (or even seen) Powertab, but I will investigate. Probably won't switch formats this year, as I currently have a backlog of about 250 songs already tabbed in my own format, which I am used to, and which I like. Sorry there's no program I know of that can read them and play them for you, but I do have plans in the works to add short videos of some of the more popular pieces to this site. I do have other obligations, so my blogging time is strictly limited.