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Silliest Twelve Days ever

The song:

OK friends, back by popular (?) demand, here's the Twelve Days of Christmas. Well, at least the Twelfth Day of Christmas. No need to print the other eleven, as the twelfth day repeats them all anyway. It's so easy, I'm only including the cheat sheet. Not exactly a guitar solo, but okay for accompanying the weird lyrics. You probably won't be asked to perform it more than once, anyway. It's the only Twelve Days parody I know that's even dumber than the original.

The story: (of course, there is a story)

Shortly after I joined the Mormon Church, somebody did the Twelve Days to my family, leaving a present on the porch, knocking on the door, and running. We couldn't identify them, as they used a different car every night. (We later found out it was our branch Mutual, but at the time, we were so new we didn't know there was a Mutual.) It made us feel incredibly loved, as it could have been ANYBODY.

I have never been able to remember what the other eleven were, but the first one was a cartridge in a bare tree. So I have done my best to recreate the spirit of the rest of the presents, using whatever was available and cheap. I'll try to include photos, if I can get the camera to work. (Christmastime is NOT the best time of year to drop a camera!) Yes, we are actually presenting these gifts to a local family. What goes around, comes around.

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