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For the Beauty of the Earth

A great hymn for Thanksgiving! I'll try to get timely posts for specific holidays, but I'm new at this. Fortunately, this is a relatively easy one, without hard chords or difficult transitions. All the notes are 1/8 notes, except for the hammer-ons, of course.

The arpeggios, like the one at the end of the second and sixth measures, can be slow strummed with the right thumb, or picked with the fingers, at your preference. These F chords can also be played on four strings, or you can use the full-barre F and substitute the bass string for the F note on the fourth string. All other F chords should be played full-barre.

The 3 to 1 transition on the second string in the first measure of the last line can be played as a pull-off, if you like. Sometimes I think it sounds better that way; other times I like it played straight, as I have written it.

The G chord in the next-to-last measure is played G*: 32003x, a somewhat unusual way to play G, but no harder than the traditional G: 320003. The only hard part is hitting the C note on the very last count of the measure. Just takes a bit of practice.

Sometimes, if I'm feeling like getting a bit fancy, I'll substitute a quick strum for the first note in measures 1 and/or 9. It adds variety, but I'm not sure the results justify the quick transition this requires.

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