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An old friend...

I received an interesting email the other day, in connection with this blog.  With the permission of the sender, here it is.

Hello Don.

How are you doing? Well, I hope.

I don’t know if you will remember me or not. My wife, Katherine and I lived in your ward in West Valley for a short while before moving to Midvale. We came to your house for dinner one Sunday and played a board game. You also stopped by as a home teacher and told me about your experience with reconciling your belief in evolution with a creationism religion.

Since those days, Katherine and I have had two beautiful children and I have joined the Navy. We are now living in the Fresno, California area and I am currently on board the USS Carl Vinson on a deployment in the west pacific.

I had been looking for simple chords to play the song ‘Love One Another’ on my little ukulele and stumbled across your web page. (I’ve been trying to learn how to play the ukulele out here) I saw your name and wondered if it was the same guy I knew from West Valley, so I clicked on the picture and lo and behold…

Unfortunately, the internet out here on the ship is so slow that your web page does not load fully and I can’t see chords. I was wondering if you could email me just a simple beginners arrangement or perhaps even just the simple chords for that song. I would greatly appreciate it.
I wish you and your family the very best,


So, I used to be his home teacher, and he is now serving our country.  Naturally, I wanted to send him what he requested, but I didn't have it. for one thing, I don't play the ukulele.  For another, I only have a pdf of the guitar tab.  So, I created a cheat sheet for him, in Microsoft Word, found the uke chords he would need, and sent it to him as an attachment to my email reply.  It worked.

Glenn wanted to thank me for it, but I ended up thanking him, as much as you can thank someone for risking his life to protect you.  So, as a tribute to Glenn, and all the others who are risking their lives in defense of their country, I am posting a pdf version of  the cheat sheet, plus the original Word document, for those who may not have good internet access.  Thank you, Glenn! 

The pdf version is called, "Love One Another for ukulele".
The Word version is called, "Love One Another 4 ukulele".

Enjoy!  and while you're enjoying, please think of our servicemen and -women who are risking their lives to protect you, and say a little prayer in their behalf.  Thanks.


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