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He Is Risen

I had intended to publish this for Easter, but somehow filed it in the wrong folder and forgot it, until Jared Hillam sent me this request:

Hi Don,

I've really enjoyed learning your rendition of "A Poor Wayfaring Man of Grief."

I was wondering if you happend to have a tab for "He Has Risen." My wife was playing it on the piano and I thought it would be really neat on the guitar.


Jared Hillam

Well, Jared, thank YOU for reminding me! This is indeed a beautiful song. It goes well with a piano, and makes a fantastic duet with a violin! A piano tends to drown out my classical guitar, but you could play it on an electric guitar, and adjust the volume as needed.

The tab is pretty straightforward, without any special chords or techniques, except you really do need to play the F and G chords as full barre chords, to follow the melody. I especially like the contrast between the pinched chords and the strummed ones. Remember, the GIII chord is just an E, barred at the third fret, and you're in business.

This piece is in the public domain.

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Oak Island NC Wedding Officiant said...

Thanks so much for this site. My little brother just arrived to Mexico for his mission. He bought a guitar from a guy off the street for $35. He played in a band when he was home. .... He emailed and wanted guitar tabs to church songs. Thanks to you, Mexico, will be able to feel spirit through Ethan playing!