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I Am A Child of God MP3

Another MJ Hufford MP3!  And this time, it's even better than the last one.  My stats show this is your all-time favorite of the tabs on this site, accounting for literally thousands of hits per month, so enjoy!
For those who wonder why I put in all those "extra" notes, this MP3 will show you why.  About half the notes in the song are bass drones-- the same note repeated over and over-- done in counterpoint to the melody.  They are easy to play, as they seldom change, and they add a richness to the sound that just makes the song.

A few words of warning:

1.  Due to an apparent glitch in the program, some of the strummed chords may sound louder than the rest of the notes, depending on your computer.  They are NOT supposed to be louder.  This does not happen when playing an actual guitar, so not to worry.

2.  I neglected to write instructions to slow down a bit for the finale, so MJ programmed the song exactly the way I wrote it.  Trouble is, I can't play it that fast!  It definitely sounds good that way, but don't worry if you have to slow down a bit at the end.  Just don't slow down so much that it drags, and you'll be fine.  MJ tells me he can't play it that fast, either.  Hooray for computers!

3.  Remember, this is not supposed to be an easy song to play, so don't feel bad if you don't get it down perfectly, right away. But do practice until you can make it sound easy-- audiences love it.

Go ahead and comment if you like the MP3, especially if it helps you learn the song.  MJ is programming these MP3s for free, and I really want him to know how much his efforts are appreciated.

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MJ said...

My pleasure! I appreciate your tabs!