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Sing We Now At Parting

No, I didn't add this just for General Conference, though I did love the way the Tabernacle Choir sang it!  I've been working on it for weeks.

This is not an easy song to play on the guitar.  It uses LOTS of barre chords, and relies heavily on some of the more difficult ones.  My only excuse is that it's beautiful.  I have tried to arrange it so that the chord transitions come as naturally as possible, which you may think isn't very.  I won't argue.  It's in C, so you could dumb it down and just strum C, F, and G7, if you only want to accompany a singer, but you won't get any of the melody notes that way.

On my classical guitar, it sounds way better if you finger-pick the chords as arpeggios, than simply strumming the chords, as shown in the first verse, but I've included both ways, as the left hand is a bit different if you're finger-picking.  You can leave out some of the harder chords that way, especially some of the Fv's, which I find hard to fret well.  In this way, the arpeggio version is actually easier!

No bar-by-bar explanation on this one.  If you're good enough to play it, you won't need it, and if you're a beginner, the explanations won't help.

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