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The Spirit of God

This song sounds good on just about any kind of guitar, but face it: you're not going to sound like the Tabernacle Choir, no matter how big your amp is.  They have 330 voices, and you only have six strings-- maybe twelve.  But you can still play it so it sounds really good, even "spirited." (Pun intentional).

There are only six chords in this song, but if that's too many, you can easily substitute a regular C chord for the C/G at the end, and no one but you will know.  I just think the sound of the G bass on the final chord resolves better, but it's really just a matter of preference.  Don't substitute a regualr G for the Gadd5 chords, though.  They are necessary to carry the melody, and besides, they are even easier to play than a regular G.  Just play like a regular G, but with the ring finger on the second string instead of the first string, and mute (or avoid) the first string.  Easy, huh?

Sorry, but you're going to have to play those pesky barre chords for this one.  I tried to avoid them, but the melody just doesn't sound right without them.  And they do make the song easier to play.

The tempo is a bit difficult to count, but if you know the song, you'll know the right tempo anyway.  I've included counting numbers, for those few who may not be familiar, or who just aren't sure of themselves.  If it seems wrong to you, go with the tempo you feel is right.  That's musicianship.

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Amber Carman -Director said...

Can you get the guitat tabs for We Seek After These Things?