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A wonderful tribute -- "I Get Lifted Up"

An old college friend, Carolyn Wing Greenlee, has posted a wonderful tribute to her deceased friend Jim. Carolyn is a blind musician, songwriter, author, publisher and producer.  Her friend Jim was a great guitarist and Christian songwriter.  Carolyn has posted a touching and sensitive post about his death and how it taught her the meaning of the Redemption of Christ, together with one of her favorite tracks of Jim's music, "I Get Lifted Up."  I hadn't heard it before, but it's worth listening to.  I told Carolyn I would post a link on my blog HERE.  The track is at the end of her blog post, so you'll have to scroll to the end to find it, but it's worth it.  Not LDS, but definitely Christian.

I don't often post links to other people's blogs, especially if they are not related to LDS music.  This one is exceptional.  I hope you like it.


Sean said...

The link doesn't work.

Don Fallick said...

Sorry, Sean. It worked for me. Go to It's at the end of the post, which is beautiful, but rather lengthy.