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Hey, Matthew! or, what those underscores mean.

I don't usually comment back on comments, because if it's important enough to publish, I want everyone to see it, not just those who are interested in one particular entry out of 183. So here it is in public: The underscores in my tabs indicate ligados. They may be a hammer-on or a pull-off, depending on whether the notes are going up or down. Slashes between notes are slides. Hope this enlightens a few folks.

If you have specific questions, you can easily contact me. Just join the blog, then click on my pic and send me an email. I have to be one of the easiest people on the planet to contact. I'll be happy to answer reasonable questions. I don't use your personal information for ANYTHING. Wouldn't know how, even if I wanted to. This is a completely non-commercial blog.

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