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Gently Raise the Sacred Strain IITabs

In playing through this piece over and over, I find I want to make a couple of changes. They are not great, so I’m not going to alter the original tabs, but the changes are useful enough to share with my readers. Hence: Gently Raise the Sacred Strain II. Check it out in "The Tabs".

First, the format:  By viewing the page in Landscape mode instead of Portrait, and minimizing the non-tablature parts, it is possible to get the entire tab on one page, which makes it much easier to use for practicing.  I have left out all the chord charts and lyrics, which are not needed for practice, once the piece has been learned. Because nearly all the notes are eighth-notes, I have left out the counting numbers too, except where they are needed for clarity.

I have also made a couple of substantive changes. Measure [18] has a couple of extra notes added, necessitating a brief change to 8/8 time for just that single measure. This does not follow the music as published in Hymns, nor any arrangement of the Tabernacle Choir that I have been able to discover.  But it does sound really nice, which is excuse enough. I have also changed the three-string, pinched chord in measure [22] to a five-string, strummed, GaddD chord, and extended the following two chords to a full six beats each, for the same reason. That's it! Enjoy.

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