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There Is Sunshine In My Soul Today

Today we begin something new. With over two hundred posts, I've decided to make some changes to the blog. The easiest one is that from now on, all the instructions, history, and commentaries about each new song will be part of the PDF, in a new section at the end of each piece, called "Commentaries". I'll still announce each new addition here, in the blog postings, but will keep my comments to a minimum. So, if you want to see instructions about this or any new song, just download the PDF. You'll find the instructions right after the chord charts.

That's the easy one. The other is so much harder that I've had to add a webmaster to my team. Together, over the next few months, we will create separate pages for each level of difficulty, as well as one for Spanish language songs.  You'll still see the full list on the Main page, so navigating to the song you want will be unchanged. But those who are interested in songs of a particular level of difficulty, such as "Beginners", "Intermediate", or "Advanced", or who speak Spanish, will each have a page of their own.

Actually, the pages are already partially created. They're just not yet available to the public. The songs will be in Google Drive, to make access easier, and for insurance when my son's server is down. Every song will also still be on my son's server, so you should be able to access them no matter what. But there's still only one of me to copy and move them, there are now over two hundred of them, and I'm still serving a full-time mission. Big changes are coming. Watch for future posts.

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