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All Creatures of Our God and King--easy version

Similar to the previous post, but without any barre chords, unless you count the two-string barre on the F. Only one even slightly tricky transition is in the 15th measure, where you may have to stretch a bit more than you are used to, to hit the C# in the IV space on the second string with your little finger. Sorry! The note is necessary to the melody, and there's no easier way to play it. If it gives you trouble, try using a capo at the III or IV space, where the frets are noticeably closer together. This will minimize the reach needed, and also make it easier to sing along, as the capo in the IV space puts the song back into the original key of Eb.

This song was written five hundred years ago by St. Francis of Assisi, so the copyright has definitely expired. Enjoy!

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Peggy said...

yipes - I saw that I had to download OPEN OFFICE to get All Creatures of Our God and King in the easy version - I did that, and now I can't open it, OR the non-easy version, or the stoutner website - do you know why??Peggy Dunn