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Master, the Tempest Is Raging

LOTS of "extra" notes in this one! But if you don't want them, you can ignore any notes except the ones directly over the words of the song. Of course there are lots of chords, so if you just want the melody line, you'll have to pick it out of the chords.

Play this song fast, and it'll sound just great. As an experiment, I switched to using the letters h and p to indicate hammer-ons and pull-offs, instead of my usual underscore. Does it make a difference to anyone?

All the chords are normal, common chords, including some barre chords, indicated by Roman numerals to show where the barre goes. All the notes are eighth notes, which makes keeping the tempo really easy, even though it's fast. That's one reason I put the "extra" notes in. They actually make it easier to play. The only exception is the last chord, which needs to be held for a count of three. Alternatively, you could play the first chord in the last measure as a three-note "broken" chord, saving the last chord for a full measure of its own.

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Unknown said...

Thanks so much for posting all these great tabs! I can tell you've put a lot of thought and time into this - and I really appreciate it. I'm sure this will lead to many wonderful hours of playing!