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I'll Go Where You Want Me to Go

Easy to DO (Go where the Lord wants)
Easy to SAY (what the Lord wants)
HARD to BE (what the Lord wants!)

Fortunately, it's not hard to PLAY!

One of my family's long-time favorite hymns, and the very first one I ever learned to sing without the hymnal. Sounds really good with a mandolin, violin, flute, or clarinet as a duet, or as part of an instrumental group. As a duet, I'd have each instrument take the lead during one verse, then play together for the last verse. You can even do this as a trio. Who says it can only have three verses?

Only three chords: G, C, & D. If you just want to accompany a singer, just strum the regular chords; you don't need to play the barre versions. I include them because it makes it possible to hit all the melody notes, easily.

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