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Ghost Riders In the Sky / Ghost Chickens in the Sky

This is my version of the Burl Ives cover of this song, which involves chords, not the flat-picked version more suitable for electric guitars. It works well for accompanying a singer, as rhythm, but not as a guitar solo, unlike practicaly all my other postings. I include it, only because I love it. I love the Christian message, the beat, and the tune. The chords are easy-- so easy in fact that you can hammer-on the entire chord, which is well, as that's what gives the song its beat. If you can't do the hammer-ons, you can still play the song without them, but it won't sound as good.

The chart may be a little unclear about the ending. The first chorus ends, "Ghost herd in the sky!" Second time, it's "Ghost riders in the sky!" Third time, it's "ghost herd in the sky," descending to a very low E note on "sky." Then repeat, "ghost riders in the sky," rising to and hitting the high E on "sky" (two octaves higher than the low E) and holding it. There's a transition measure between the end of the chorus and the beginning of the next verse, except for the last time.

After the chart and the lyrics, there's a Scout version, which cub scouts especially love. Play it straight, try not to laugh, or even crack a smile, and the young boys will just die laughing. Older kids will laugh, too, but they'll be laughing AT you. When performing for older kids, I play up to this by flapping my elbows on the chorus: Pok, pa-pok, POK; Pok, pa-pok, POK! If you can do it without laughing, you're better than I am! Don't try it unless you don't mind looking truly ridiculous!

Both versions are in the public domain.

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