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A-Soulin' video

This is a video of two of my first-year students, Nicole and Corine, playing a duet in their very first "public" performance.  The video and sound quality is lousy, as it was taken with an inexpensive digital camera, but it should give you an idea what the song sounds like.  You'll need Windows Media Player or something similar to view it.  It takes about six minutes to load on my laptop, which admittedly is not lightning fast for a 30 second video clip.

Nicole and Corine don't sing the words, because they live in the Dominican Republic and speak Spanish, so I just taught them the instrumental parts. I don't believe the lyrics have ever been translated.  The lyrics are not difficult, if you speak English.  The vocal part of the song uses the same guitar techniques as the instrumental duet part, though the order is slightly different, and the guitars play in unison.  This gives a nice contrast, and nearly doubles the length of the piece, without requiring additional learning.

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